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passion-hdWhat Passion HD has done is to take sexy hot girls plus high-end cameras and produced content that is really very impressive. This simple enough formula has given the site High Def content that is pleasing to the eye. If you thought that this site was all about soft core porn, well, you were very wrong. Hardcore is the name of the game and they play this game very well!

Navigation on this site has been stripped to the bare minimum. There are two options for browsing material i.e. model and popularity. There are also buttons that take you to various scenes. Passion HD does not pack a slew of flashy features that will dazzle and amaze. The site is still relatively young and has not yet established huge archives to warrant for a variety of search options and tools.

Even if the site is still relatively young, it has been able to amass an impressive 257+ video scenes. This number is bound to rise steadily as new material is added multiple times during the week. For movie formats, members can expect mp4, flash, and windows media. Playback time for a movie is around thirty minutes, enough time to let you please your desires to satisfaction!

Passion HD, as the name suggest, is all about giving its members the very best HD quality material. The site has a photo gallery numbering 257+ sets. One set has 200 pictures. The screen capture photos are in High Res formats for that smooth, clear, and crisp look.

Currently the site houses around fifteen or so models. The girls are different and all have a high sexual appetite. There is a girl-next-door theme around much of the material on this site. The level of skill shown by these gals when it comes to partaking of sexual pleasure is simply inspiring stuff.

For most of the material presented on the network, the style of action is that of “Point-Of-View” (POV). This means that the camera work leaves you feeling like you are the one receiving a BJ, penetrating tight holes, or creaming all over those lovely tits. This is what this site does so well, strike up desire like a match to a propane gas tank!

Passion HD promises HD material and it delivers. The site promises the sexiest women alive and it delivers. Updates are promised and that is exactly what you get. This site is growing and it would be wise to get in on the ground floor and grow with the site since the future looks very bright for this premium porn site.

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