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Mr Skin is the place to go if you have a fetish for celebrity porn. Hollywood stars who have had major sex scenes in movies and TV shows all make their appearance on this site. Even those who have just displayed their semi nude bodies on screen can be found here. does not do any alterations to the scenes but simply lifts them as they are from the original movies and TV shows. So you can rest assured that unlike fake celeb porn sites that Photoshop and alter the movie, everything inside this site is really genuine.

With over 20,000 celebs featured on Mr Skin in various stages of undress or engaged in action, it is easy to see why this site is a leader in the industry. The probability of locating your favorite celebs kissing, teasing, undressing, or engaging in acts of sex are pretty high on Mr. Skin. Those of you who enroll for a full membership can experience all this material plus more. Since more celebs are always rising and more sex is always being filmed, the galleries of (bursting full with amazing content) are constantly being updated. It would seem that the updates are pushed through every few hours or so.

This site does not disappoint when it comes to navigation features. The way the search engines, model index, and other features on the site have been arranged gives members flexibility when searching for celeb porn. A practical and user-friendly platform is always appreciated since it means less time spent searching for material. This is exactly what Mr Skin has.

Links take you to pages full of information, bios, and movies of the hottest celebs in the business. Mr. Skin covers soft core and hardcore sex scenes. Categories and a celeb list in alphabetical order makes looking through the 50,576+ movie scenes so easy. Movies average about a minute of play and many are in HD quality. The HD mp4 and windows files can be streamed or download. has various features that allow selection of gals according to body traits like hair color, boobs, skin color, and other traits.

You will also learn what movies and DVDs have naked celebs in them while the chat feature allows for interaction between members and Mr. Skin. You obviously know how bewitching hot celebs are and now you can see them in a new light thanks to this site.

Mr Skin is just as famous as the celebs it features inside its galleries. Many refer to this site as the true encyclopedia when it comes to celebrity porn. If celebs drive you sexually mad, then this site will drive you to new depths of madness! Check them out!

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