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Hegre Art is the best place you can go to find the works of one Petter Hegre. Who is he? He is a world renowned photographer who has had incredible success in the industry.

He has won awards, worked with the best in the business, and created an impressive body of work that explores the deep human fascination of erotica and sensuality! This site has material that anyone can quickly fall in love with. The setup is also very functional like the easy to find “movie section”, with its erotica-charged, high quality movies. 

You will have option like High Definition video formats including DIVX, AVI, MP4, QUICKTIME, and WMV. For those of you who like using mobile devices, there are formats that cater for you as well. What we like to call “streamers” (guys who like to watch material by streaming) can utilize the Flash Player embedded inside this site.

If you go looking for those “hardcore money shots”, you simply will not find them. You will see lots of nude gals, some pussy here and there, lots of gal erotica softcore similar to the style used by major erotica label houses like PENTHOUSE or PLAYBOY. 

A total of 515+ videos from Hegre Art make up the movie section. And if you happen to come across some hand-job movies, you will notice that they too are presented in artistic-erotica-beauty! The picture gallery is where you can find the bulk of material that this site offers. They have 3300+ galleries.

These pictures are done with art, sensuality, High Quality, “magazine-like-setups” in mind. The ladies are perfectly bewitching and you have various options for sorting the pictures. Are downloads possible? Yes, using the zip file provided. 

And when we talk of High Quality images, we mean High Resolution photos reaching 3000 by 2000 pixel quality or more! Magnificently big and colorful, the images will have you floating in fantasy world for quite some time!

Petter wants to share his various voyages and adventures, thus he has a section on his site that does exactly that. Here you will be able to take part in his world and see all the exotic beauties and places he has been to. There is even some footage from behind the scenes. 

And those who thirst for knowledge about the tantric arts can get some much needed information inside this site. “Our Recommendation?” One thing is for certain, if you want erotica that is High Quality, Petter Hegre and his site, Hegre Art, can help you out! The babes, the class, the sexuality and whole package of this site are what we call “a true no brainer” for lovers of softcore erotica!

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