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Dogfart network is massive and one of its prominent sites is called Blacks On Blondes. The black stallions who came up with this site and the network have been “jizzing” in the game for a long time. They have ploughed more white chicks than you have and will ever go through in your lifetime. This site puts all the sexy, quality, interracial-sexing that they have made at your fingertips. 

Any porn site that has huge galleries will always be a hit since people like having lots of porn. This site has an impressive amount, around 599+ videos to be exact. Old sites have a certain advantageous lead since they have huge archives of material. And this site is old, so do the math!

And so not to be left behind, Blacks on Blondes has turned to High Def videos over the past years, to make sure that the very best “ebony vs. ivory banging” is presented to its members. Those on mobile platforms can get some action too since there is a mobile format for the videos. Flash player, clips, full movies, wmv, mp4 and mpeg formats, are just some of the facets inside the video gallery.  The gals who take those mammoth black pricks are very diverse in terms of physical traits. This is good since it means you can find the right white model that fits your fancy. And every now and then, the site deviates slightly by featuring a brunette or red head, but hey, it’s all interracial so no cause for concern.

599+ sets (200 pictures a set) is what the picture gallery holds. High Res, zip downloadable pictures are what you can look forward to. Intense provocative picture shots will leave you hornier than the black studs inside this site.

The only cause for slight complain on our part is the updating schedule. For us, we just want more and more of “ebony ivory sexing”, and this site updates once 4-5 days. The redeeming fact is that membership here means you can move around the Dogfart Network (20+ porn sites) and catch more action. This means no shortage of interracial matchups, with hardcore themes being the main focus. Whenever the site Blacks On Blondes is mentioned, we get all buoyant and ready to go. You will enjoy the hardcore fun experience from this growing high-grade porn site. Looking for a sound interracial sexing site worthy of your time and money? This site is the first place you need to start!

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