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Among all other adult porn sites on the internet Videos Z bills itself as the adult one. They started their journey a long time ago and now grew a lot bigger. I have been checking in on this website since 2004 and I’m not disappointed. Even I found a lot of improvements in contents and their amount. You will get confused when you see all those babes fucking and sucking. The originators of this site are always busy improving it. Sometimes you will get a new file format or they are just increasing the contents of their library which already led them to one of the huge online. Now let’s check out what they’re up to.

Videos Z added tons of high-quality DVDs and got the largest adult movie collection online. You can get confused by asking yourself “is it the largest one” or just check out yourself by watching some of the trailers and again ask you “is it my type? I guess you will have two words only and they are “Hell, yes”. It’s because over 15,407 full-length DVDs have been made available here and it’s increasing as fresh ones are getting added on a daily basis.

The design of the website is good and you can navigate very easily. You can search videos by porn stars, category, studio or series. No clumsy feel while the library is huge and you can even narrow down favorite ones with no problem. I like their way of getting started as when you click on a DVD you will get a juicy story line or a short synopsis which increases the hunger to watch or download it. If you have the taste to see something different they will not disappoint you, you can find them in interracial, anal, Facials, DPs, toy play, threesomes and other segments.

Hold your breath because you will get over 90,185 videos (maybe enough for this lifetime!). All those movies can be downloaded or played in a fixed player as well. Recent videos are available in AVI, MP4 and finally HD format. There are some porn studios that are exclusively adding all their contents on Videos Z, so they are unique and can’t be found on any other site. As it’s a DVD site you won’t find any photos here. When you have all the sizzling videos available, you may not need the photos anymore.

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I got bored of regular porn videos and wanted to see something different and interesting. All those perfect body, fake boobs, asses and big dicks has made tired and sick. One day my friend showed me some small adorable girl’s videos from Exxxtra Small. They were small though but natural. So, I kind of liked it and decided to give it a try. Frankly speaking, like most of the people I also thought that the girls who performed in the videos are midgets but actually they are not. Yes they are+ way too thin if compared with regular porn stars. All of the girls from this site are sweet and petite.

As the name says you will expect tiny girls when you sign in into the website but what you get is Team Skeet homepage. Well, you can be bothered but please don’t, however getting on to those little darlings of your dream is very easy. You can simply get and enter the Exxxtra Small site from a drop-down menu. If you sign up in this network you will get 18 bonus sites except the mother website. Bonus sites include some horny teen websites such as Titty Attack, Her Freshman Year and Innocent High. All of these websites are full with teen hotties but they also include videos from other popular categories. So, it’s a mixed blend waiting for the members to enjoy. Compared to this, the only offer worth buying is really due to the value and content provided.

After signing up when you sign in into the website you can find all the contents in front of you. The layout of the website is user friendly and you can find it a bit modest in size. As you can see currently there are almost 49 videos available here. With each video the members will get a set of pictures. They have added two new videos in the last month, so update doesn’t come frequently as it should. However, it is still a much better site than some others because they might have few content but still trying to update.

Almost all the videos are featuring petite chicks trying as hard as they could to suck and fuck big dicks. There are some unusual videos which have a pair of hotties riding on together to get the taste of various girl-on-girl action. You can watch the videos in an embedded player or you can just download them. The movies are available in only several formats, including Windows Media or MP4. The recently added ones are available in Full HD.

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From before and now, we all happen to be familiar of the whole fair trade concept. We pay something in exchange for what it’s worth, something we do want for our own personal reasons. If you cannot yet afford to rent a prostitute for the night, you might as well want to get a girlfriend.

That would be much better. You get moral, emotional and all the kinds of support you need for your ego. But, have you had enough of girlfriends because they dumped you in the past? Well, it’s high time you make your revenge. On that note, GF Revenge will help you know how to plot your vengeful acts. All you have to do is watch its beautiful contents.

GF Revenge is not only for those who have had their hearts broken, but also for those who are afraid of maybe not knowing what they should do should they have their hearts broken inadvertently in the future. It’s a place where you get to realize that your whole attempt to romance is not a fiasco even if you failed in it. It’s a rather constructive experience, one that helps you become a much stronger and more resilient person that you already are. As to how the site could help you on that matter, you’ll know when you watch the videos.

GF Revenge does not want you to fall short on the tactics that you need to apply whenever you have apply any should the situation call for it. For that, they have set out over 4,000 plus videos for your keeping for as long as you are hooked to their members database. All the videos are on HD mode, which means you get crystal clear vision of the beauty of having sex with your ex and ruining the new relationship she has.

Well, it might end up that you two will be together after all. Isn’t that fun? That’s only $9.95 a month from you!

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Do you still remember how the past generations took what the things they wanted? It’s something we know as revolution. If all of us want change, we need to do something which embodies revolution. For your porn experience to become much more exciting and rewarding, you should only come to a site that is a pure embodiment of what is revolutionary. Any porn site can be really lovely ’cause all the girls are bold and naked. But if it gradually shifts into a mainstream material, the whole essence is lost. Good news though is that breakthroughs are always prevalent, which is why we have Elegant Angel now standing in the most favored limelight.

The Premises of Elegant Angel

The creation of the site was rather crucial for those who were behind the whole scenario. They were all driven by the motif to bring out a new breed of porn resource into the modern day arena. Luckily, all of their plans panned out just fine. They have not just developed solely a porn site, but an item that actually springs off into various levels of usefulness. In contrast to what it has promised, this magnum opus definitely went over the board with its scope.

First of all, we have the members forum where you are able to mingle with people who have joined as members too. You could even be lucky to meet up with someone close to your area so you can finally do some fucking for the whole starry night. One more amazing thing would be the various video game reviews, knowing for a fact that gaming and porn are always melded into perfection, naturally. Alas, both finally connect in the stage. Elegant Angel it is!

The Contents of Elegant Angel

Off to what’s in side the envelope, there are more fun stuff than you can imagine. First of all, the video databases which stretch to more than 1,000 videos, all under several categories, making it quite difficult to not spot the very thing you want to witness. The way it works is just like magic! Also, there are several thousands of photos in the albums which you can simply tap into should you feel super duper horny in a sudden. For the subscription, it’s only $9.95 a month. It’s a 9.5 out of 10 site that sells itself short. More than worth it!

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New Sensations is a pornsite that is bringing that familiar old sensation of arousal that you are very familiar with. This site is part of the NEW SENSATIONS NETWORK, a renowned place where quality and erotic action reside. All the various good qualities of the network have been transferred to this site.

You will see many pornstars who have for years made porn fans experience various cum sensations. They also delve into many niches and offer lots of material so you will have a healthy collection of smut sexing action!

999-plus galleries of videos and images respectively are what you get when you become a member of this site. The images come in a nice pixel quality that you can live with. This pixel quality fluctuates as you go from one picture gallery to the next. As for the videos, the same high quality production applies to them.

You will have file formats that you can use and you will also have updates throughout the week. This site is a hit because it comes from a network that has proved itself in the market by producing HQ porn action. The mix of material inside ensures that different preferences are catered for. They do hardcore and softcore action.

They also have extremely sexy adult performers and exceptional talented pornstars. The stars know how to raise the erotic temperature of porn fans. This site looks like they are drawing from the best of the best inside the network and offering it all to anyone who wants to join them.

Membership here means you will have access to the network and this will act as your bonus material. The material inside may or may not be exclusive action. It all depends but what remains constant is the quality and production goodness of the material.

You will have freedom to roam various reality themed sites like FOUR FINGER CLUB, JIZZBOMB, BUTTDRIVERS, and so on. This means more niches than you will know what to do with which gives you options for exploring your erotic levels!


The navigation is effective and gives you easy to use interface. The links stay good regardless of where you go and they are at the top of the pages inside the various bonus sites. The sensation we got from the navigation features is that of something solid, basic, and glamour-free.

The site could add some more file formats when it comes to the movies. There is information inside when it comes to the updates. Things look very good, no complaints here!

Decent and exciting is what we can say when it comes to the site New Sensations. Your subscription to this site will not be money wasted. This is because they have enough good things going for them to justify you joining them.

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ATK KINGDOM is a network that houses the ATK Petites porn site. This network and the petites pornsite are fine pieces of work that exhibit sexy material in a very enticing way. The network is known for its refined niches and we were very excited to take a peek into this particular pornsite. This site focuses on two thing; 1) young petite 110lbs sexy bombshell females and 2) 5 foot 4 inches flexible babes.

Since this site focuses on such sexy babes, they definitely have material that is stimulating to those who love these types of babes. If you like them small, you will have fun inside this site. The small nature of the gals should not make you think that they can’t do stuff, for they certainly can!

The material that this site carries is huge. They have 1500-plus galleries and some 750-plus films. All their action is exclusive to them so you will not find them anywhere else.

The images have very huge resolution sizes of 3000-pxl and you can download them, ZIP file is available. The films come in formats like flv, wmv, QuickTime, and mp4. When you get the very best quality inside, you will be staring at high definition videos of 1080p. You can look forward to daily updates inside.

This site (and the ATK network) has been producing action for quite some time now. Their daily uploads plus the amount of years they have been at it are the reasons why they have such nice filled archives. This site does solo, lesbian and hardcore niches. They like giving you variety so that you have no reason to complain.

There are some famous gals you will see inside ATK Petites and the rest are relatively amateur new faces in the industry. The gals are cute…no, they are sexy gorgeous! The site also has bonus material to make sure your fully occupied. Our assumption is that this material comes from the premium ATK network.

The user interface is not going to give you any problems. They may have included more features and options than you will need, but it’s better to have them than to not have them, right? All other areas are well made. The models inside have a section on the site where you can find them neatly organised.

The updates come with information which is good. You will have fast speeds when you want to download the action. Generally, they get a 90-percent rating when it comes to navigation/features/ and site design.


ATK Petites represents the young small girls in a very strong manner indeed. They have HD and high res material. The production is professional and top shelf. The site is simple to use and will fill your days with petite ladies in hardcore sex action. If this petite-niche is something you really want, we absolutely recommend this site.

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Do you want to try something new? Have you always been eating ice cream but only the vanilla flavor because you hated the chocolate so much? Well, you don’t have to worry about that. If you have been hating on black girls, you’re not the only one because I used to hate them, too. It was not until I gave Black T Girls a chance that I was able to make a name out of them. Black girls are really awesome if you only got to meet them closer and really get to know them all the more. And if you want to know about the beauty of blacks in bed, then you shouldn’t miss out on BlackTGirls. 

Black T Girls is one of the biggest African-American porn site of today. One of its biggest distinctions is that it goes beyond black women with vaginas and tits. They have black women with penises and muscles. Now, who wouldn’t want to train with a sexy black woman, right? Also, the videos have stories and every story is unique from one another. You will notice how greatly they are made going by the actors involved in every video and the kind of things they do, from hand jobs to blow jobs, to all the really nasty things you could think of, it’s all here at Black T Girls.

The best part is that the whole thing looks expensive with all the background set up and what not. Everything is structured and arranged. You wouldn’t see that in an anarchic place like Africa, but porn is a different thing after all. 

What Do You Get with

Black T Girls is proud to present to you over 1000 high quality videos which half of them can actually be played in HD mode. All the viewpoint shots are splendid and the vividness of the imagery is just so impactful that you wouldn’t be able to control your saliva from dropping from your jaw. You can also download the videos and watch them anytime you want. Now, if you really want to change your way of thinking, go with Black T Girls. It’s only 35.99 dollars a month. So, enjoy!

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How much do you appreciate biodiversity?

The very reason why this world continues to exist is because of its full spectrum of colors and differences that make everything one. Perhaps, we all have one thing in common despite our flaws, imperfections and disparities. It is something called living life. To celebrate the beauty of life and its diversity, it is always nice to apply the principle of diversity in everything that you do. That would of course include porn. On that note, there’s no better way to enjoy porn than through the webs of ATK Exotics. is one of the porn sites that will bring colors into your dull, boring life. If you’re feeling morose, this is the perfect surrender as it will boost you with Dopamine, serotonin and all the other good hormones in the body with all the beautiful things that you can see through it. You won’t have to deal with monotony for the very reason that everything is organized and diversified. You can go with watching sex of people from different races and races faces.

My personal favorites here would be the black ones, though, and before I came to this site, I only watched blondie porn. But through this whole virtual sexperience, I was able to appreciate the other skin colors and cherish them wholeheartedly. That’s what ATK Exotics wants, to make people widen their scopes in watching porn and other things in life.

If anything goes wrong with ATKE, that wouldn’t be anything involving numbers. There are over 5,000 videos injected to the site as well as 26,000 photo sets. There are categories set out on the main site that will allow you to choose videos by your racial preference and whatnot. Also, the videos are downloadable which means you can view in HD the videos you love at all times.

Plus, the subscription is very cheap at only 29.99 dollars a month when the real and original value of it was once 39.99. Basically, you get big savings and you get the best porn in town with ATK Exotics.

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If you are on the lookout for quality porn, then I would strongly advise you to get yourself along to Digital Desire. These guys have been producing top quality content for some time and that is clear to see when you even just get to check out what they have on their home page. However, it is the members section we are interested in and that is where things get even more exciting.

Prepare Yourself For Content.

So we know that they produce quality porn, but did you know that when you become a member you get access to over 1,100 scenes and around 3,000 photo sets with each set containing 55 pics? That is a lot of content to check out and the best part is that all of the newer material is of course shot in HD, so you get to see all of the tiny details, which I personally love.

The Content Is Frequent And Exclusive.

One pet hate of mine is signing up to a site and then discovering that they never update it. However, that is not an issue here because Digital Desire does update a number of times a week and every time they add something extra, you know it is exclusive to this site.

Sensual Rather Than Graphic.

This site is not all about hot chicks fucking cocks because most of the material is classed as solo shots, so there they are all alone and pleasuring themselves in front of us. There are some lesbian scenes as well, but generally speaking it is pretty tame stuff although do not allow that to take away the fact that it is very sensual and erotic instead.

If You Love Babes You Will Love This Site.

If you are looking for in your face fucking, then walk away now as this is not for you. However, if you love gorgeous chicks and seeing them play with their pussies is enough to arouse you, then welcome to a wonderful website. Everything at Digital Desire is well shot, it excites and teases, it hits all of the right buttons, and overall it is just a pleasure to be a member.

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OK so I have to confess that as soon as I read the name of this website that I was intrigued. Calling yourself Wow Porn comes across as being quite a bold statement to make because lets be honest we are not short of porn website to pick from. You automatically think that this has to be something special. So is it?

You Can Be Sure Of The Quality

The first thing that strikes you has to be the quality of the content because this is very well shot and it tends to lean towards what I call glamour porn. It is glitzy, it does not include bad acting, and the sex is not only graphic, but also erotic and sensual in equal measures. In short, they certainly fulfil their promise just by this part alone.

The People Are Smoking Hot

Another thing that a good porn website needs is some hot girls in the scenes and this is, yet again, another area that is not exactly a let down on Wow Porn. The chicks are gorgeous and they do have a fine selection for you to choose from. Do you prefer blondes? Not a problem. How about dark hair? Not a problem either. Big tits, small tits, natural, curvy, slim, they are pretty much all here.

The Action Is Hot

Of course, it is not just enough them looking hot because they also need to be in some hot fucking scenes and we are not going to be disappointed here either. This site covers the full range of fucking positions you can think of as well as solo scenes, group sex, girls taking a cock in their ass, and guys shooting their cum all over them. I said it was graphic earlier and I am not kidding, but at the same time you cannot help but be aroused by it all.

Wow Porn set out to make certain claims about their website and I have to admit that they were justified in making them and have certainly kept to their word. The content they have put together is very hot and there is no way that you will not get hard over it as that has to just be impossible.

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Hegre Art is the best place you can go to find the works of one Petter Hegre. Who is he? He is a world renowned photographer who has had incredible success in the industry.

He has won awards, worked with the best in the business, and created an impressive body of work that explores the deep human fascination of erotica and sensuality! This site has material that anyone can quickly fall in love with. The setup is also very functional like the easy to find “movie section”, with its erotica-charged, high quality movies. 

You will have option like High Definition video formats including DIVX, AVI, MP4, QUICKTIME, and WMV. For those of you who like using mobile devices, there are formats that cater for you as well. What we like to call “streamers” (guys who like to watch material by streaming) can utilize the Flash Player embedded inside this site.

If you go looking for those “hardcore money shots”, you simply will not find them. You will see lots of nude gals, some pussy here and there, lots of gal erotica softcore similar to the style used by major erotica label houses like PENTHOUSE or PLAYBOY. 

A total of 515+ videos from Hegre Art make up the movie section. And if you happen to come across some hand-job movies, you will notice that they too are presented in artistic-erotica-beauty! The picture gallery is where you can find the bulk of material that this site offers. They have 3300+ galleries.

These pictures are done with art, sensuality, High Quality, “magazine-like-setups” in mind. The ladies are perfectly bewitching and you have various options for sorting the pictures. Are downloads possible? Yes, using the zip file provided. 

And when we talk of High Quality images, we mean High Resolution photos reaching 3000 by 2000 pixel quality or more! Magnificently big and colorful, the images will have you floating in fantasy world for quite some time!

Petter wants to share his various voyages and adventures, thus he has a section on his site that does exactly that. Here you will be able to take part in his world and see all the exotic beauties and places he has been to. There is even some footage from behind the scenes. 

And those who thirst for knowledge about the tantric arts can get some much needed information inside this site. “Our Recommendation?” One thing is for certain, if you want erotica that is High Quality, Petter Hegre and his site, Hegre Art, can help you out! The babes, the class, the sexuality and whole package of this site are what we call “a true no brainer” for lovers of softcore erotica!

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The world would be a supremely interesting and erotic place, if every single chick and dude just simply walked around naked! Since this is not a possibility and won’t be for the foreseeable future, we have come across something that is definitely better than our crazy idea. This something comes in the form a site called Met Art! 

Upon reaching the “exotic and erotic gates” of this site, you will quickly discover that they are amongst the best when it comes to softcore erotica photography. They have such creative geniuses like Tony Wards, Peter Dominic, and many other high caliber photographers making material for them.

The member’s area of this site is well planed and exiting with clear menus and other tools you can use. The navigation is not going to cause you any major headaches! Material inside is categorized according to year and there is an archive section also. 

You will discover that the various Met Art sections (like model, movies, artist, live cams, best of MET, etc) are very easy to find. Your options are also not limited when it comes to the resolution of any of the pictures. You have medium sized and exceptional HIGH RES ones that will make you go silly!

Have you ever seen pictures that have 4000 pixel resolution? They are definitely a thing of beauty. The zip file enables you to have all these pictures and you have unlimited access to some 13301+ galleries! The updating schedule that they use means wicked action every day so no boredom here! 

There is the search engine and even newsletter that they produce, which you are vey welcome to use. What these guys really want to show you is the class and beauty used in making the material and the end result, highly erotica material. Art that is nude is what they love doing and we have to say that they are very good at this.

The ladies are professionals who have unbelievable bodies and beauty that the camera lens really captures. 1020+ videos are yours when you become a member. The older action is not so amazingly crisp and clear, but the new ones are going to pleasantly shock you! We will always like HIGH DEF material and that is what they offer! 

How good are these guys? They are so good, that apart from being erotically entertained, you will have a toothache from the “sweet dinning” you will have enjoyed inside this site! The 80+ photographers, the hundreds of super beautiful models, the sensuality, class, creativity, and all the other elements that make MET Art, all intertwine very well! We recommend you visit these guys today (if possible!).

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Sapphic Erotica is a site that would put a smile on the faces of those porn fans who just adore lesbians. The girls here are enjoying themselves while they pleasure each other. There are 1967 galleries and they all can be saved in a zip file for later viewing. The girls here are even involved in solo posing and threesome all girl action.

The best part is that there are no guys in sight so you won’t see a pesky cock in here. Did I mention the girls here are lesbian? Yes, they are. In fact, this is one of the best amateur lesbian sites you will come across on the Internet. You can see in the eyes of the girls here that they really want to get it on with each other. The models here are so hot that they would make you forget who you are. It is all in the name of getting your cock hard and they succeed in more ways than one. They certainly know what they are doing and you can tell they are liking it every second.

There are 1503 movies on Sapphic Erotica but the older content is not as good as the new ones. The new ones can be viewed in an HD MP4 format which means you would enjoy your glorified masturbation moments. There is an advanced search engine here which means you will arrive at your preferred scenes in a few minutes of typing what you want to see. The average length of the movies is 20 minutes and that is enough time to get you hard then cum at the right time. In fact, you can cum several times throughout the movie.

All the movies can be streamed on a Flash player if you are in a hurry to jack off since you are headed somewhere. You really can’t blame yourself if you want to let out your frustration in the form of your cum.

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There are a lot of guys who dig Asian girls and that means Japanese girls are one of them. Jav HD is full of these Japanese whores looking for some black cocks. The update schedule here is fairly consistent as something new gets added each day. Because of the ton of content to explore here, you probably won’t think of going to the bonus sites. There are a couple of bonuses anyway in the form of Shiofuky and AV 69. These two sites are impressive in their own way.

In fact, you would even forget that they are actually bonus sites. There are 1200 galleries at Jav HD and most of them are video caps. They are all in high resolution which is always something a porn fan is looking for. The Japanese girls here delivery their naked bodies in a variety of ways whether it is in a threesome manner or creampie action. There are 400 models here and they are all impressive with their bodies and the fact that they are moaning loudly when they get fucked from behind.

There are 3364 Jav HD videos but some of them are not exclusive to the site but that is alright which means they can be viewed at some other site. There is no advanced search engine here so you are going to have to get used to the basic search provided here which is not bad at all. There is no separate photo section here which means the photos and videos are stuffed together and that won’t make the site look good. There is a ton of movies here that are already in high definition and that is always a plus in the eyes of many porn fans especially the Japanese ones.

Since we are dealing with Japanese girls, they can’t speak English that much so it can be understood that you won’t be understanding what they are saying which is a shame. It is alright though as long as you can see their naked bodies getting pumped hard and that is enough to get your cock satisfied in more ways than one. If you are a fan of Japanese porn then this site really delivers so become a member now and look forward to daily Jav HD updates.

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Dogfart network is massive and one of its prominent sites is called Blacks On Blondes. The black stallions who came up with this site and the network have been “jizzing” in the game for a long time. They have ploughed more white chicks than you have and will ever go through in your lifetime. This site puts all the sexy, quality, interracial-sexing that they have made at your fingertips. 

Any porn site that has huge galleries will always be a hit since people like having lots of porn. This site has an impressive amount, around 599+ videos to be exact. Old sites have a certain advantageous lead since they have huge archives of material. And this site is old, so do the math!

And so not to be left behind, Blacks on Blondes has turned to High Def videos over the past years, to make sure that the very best “ebony vs. ivory banging” is presented to its members. Those on mobile platforms can get some action too since there is a mobile format for the videos. Flash player, clips, full movies, wmv, mp4 and mpeg formats, are just some of the facets inside the video gallery.  The gals who take those mammoth black pricks are very diverse in terms of physical traits. This is good since it means you can find the right white model that fits your fancy. And every now and then, the site deviates slightly by featuring a brunette or red head, but hey, it’s all interracial so no cause for concern.

599+ sets (200 pictures a set) is what the picture gallery holds. High Res, zip downloadable pictures are what you can look forward to. Intense provocative picture shots will leave you hornier than the black studs inside this site.

The only cause for slight complain on our part is the updating schedule. For us, we just want more and more of “ebony ivory sexing”, and this site updates once 4-5 days. The redeeming fact is that membership here means you can move around the Dogfart Network (20+ porn sites) and catch more action. This means no shortage of interracial matchups, with hardcore themes being the main focus. Whenever the site Blacks On Blondes is mentioned, we get all buoyant and ready to go. You will enjoy the hardcore fun experience from this growing high-grade porn site. Looking for a sound interracial sexing site worthy of your time and money? This site is the first place you need to start!

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It seems appropriate to introduce the porn site Exploited College Girls to all those who enjoy naughty coed action. The very cute gals, who go to various universities and colleges to get a higher education, seem to be doing something else also. They seem to be having lots of sex, and on this site, you can watch it all unfold.

The webmasters who came up with this site wanted to make it as straightforward as a porn site can be. The navigation and layout of the site don’t have fancy gimmicks. The homepage has links that take members to videos. The blazing Model Page has pictures of the coeds and all the tight skin, perfect body gals you could ever want. There is a synopsis (of sorts) that talks about the coeds sexing skills and how everything transpired.

The site has 334+ videos (not a lot, but adequate). You will marvel at the variety of coeds inside. The niches include masturbation, anal, orgies, threesomes, DP, lesbian, and other hardcore niches. The production style features a lot of “amateurish” kind of videos. Despite this, the coeds shine through with their performances, making the hardcore action greatly gripping for the viewer. 

Moreover, even if the amateur camerawork is present, the lighting and the production still is very high quality. The two competing styles of filming inside are “third perspective” and “POV”. There are clips and full movies.

Downloading is not an issue and video formats include wmv, mpeg, mp4, and flash. The updating sequence used by Exploited College Girls is one video every week. A bit slow, some would say, but the great looking action is worth the wait (trust us!). There is a 25 GB limitation on downloading the material. 

Videos are complimented with photo galleries. You will receive around 312+ sets that have 100 or more pictures inside. The site has many High Res images of coeds stripping, behind the scene, and posing for the camera. Easy download thanks to the .zip file is provided. Under the bonus banner included with membership, you will get access to “Net Video Girls” and “Backroom Casting Couch”. Live Cams require you to part with a bit more cash, but there are bonus video feeds that give you more smut action. 

Simple, filled with alluring coeds, great looking material is what any new member can expect. The College babes inside will definitely show you how to have a good time. A membership to Exploited College Girls is money well spent (if you ask us), so check them out!

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So, you have gone past your days of childhood. But until now, you find yourself slinking into a dark corner from time to time. Why is this happening to me? Why can’t I carry on lighthearted? These questions, you begin to ask, and it’s all because you’ve experienced too much longing for what has passed. You simply have to move on with your life for there is no better way than forward. It’s high time for you to be involved in more mature things. So if you want to go back to playing, might as well go with Digital Playground.

It would be none other than your favorite porn site. Or at least that how it will surely be. It’s a porn resource where all the most wonderful creations spring from within. It is one that promises to deliver only the finest type of porn content into the competitively growing industry. Everything is digital, from the recording to the editing all the way to the final output. Digital Playground wants you to feel the kind of happiness you once had as a child, but now as an adult. 

What Do You Get With Digital Playground?

First of all, if you want to know what’s inside Digital Playground, you are going to have to pay for a very cheap monthly fee that will really please you. Yes, that’s right, it’s only 9.95 dollars a month, a price that is totally affordable and worth availing. With that little amount of fee, you will really be surprised with the “oh wow!” type of videos that are produced. There are over 505 to choose from, all with high DVD quality. All the scenes have been mastered and polished, too, which would make the. Plus, you can download all you want! No need to worry about the limits because this site shows none of that. 

Get to join DigitalPlayground if you want to be pleased during the dark of the night or simply when you’re feeling down and fatalistic and what not. This site is for everyone including you! I hope you enjoy your summer as much as you enjoy this site!

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Do you wish upon a star on a starry midnight sky? Well, that’s a good thing really, you know, to keep your hopes up on matters that don’t really mean anything in your life. I mean it’s what you think that really matters after all. But if you really want to be happy with your life, you should learn to accept the fact that only by living life can you find true happiness. Not by wishing up on a long dead star. That’s why when it comes to porn, Reality Kings want nothing but the best for you, in the form of reality!

What is Reality Kings?

It’s one of the porn sites from then and on and now that continue to emerge in the web among the best sources of high quality content. Why does it excel in the name of porn? That would simply be for the fact that it brings the best in a form of realistic art. In simpler terms, real porn! Real sex. Real women without the BS acting. All natural like your favorite coconut lotion. All genuine like the love your mother has always been magnanimous to you with. So, should you question the premise of Reality Kings? Dare not to!

The answer is simple: Only the best. And from an original fee of 39.95 dollars a month, they are currently running a promo offer of 17.95 dollars for those who would love to become a part of the community and gain full access. With that very cheap amount, you will be able to enjoy over 8000 plus high quality, remastered sex scenes. There are plots in all the content, which make everything more fascinating, in a much grander scale. There are also photo sets that will astound you with thousands of the best kind of porn imagery. And again, all the videos adhere to reality. So if it’s not just the mastery of acting, you’re definitely seeing real sex without the script. Just action driven by the human animal.

Join RealityKings and you won’t be disappointed. What you imagine is exactly what you get: top quality. 

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Whenever I go online, I always visit porn sites first. And when I get to settle with one, I always look for the casting couch first. I mean, the beauty of this kind of videos is that they’re real. No scripts and no BS. Just plain natural, or maybe in most cases this is true. Either way, it’s the feeling that it seems so real that counts, right? Now why am I telling you about all these? It’s because I have finally found the ultimate paradigm to which I can watch all the best backroom casting videos I want. It’s called the BackroomCastingCouch!

There’s no need to explain what this site is all about because the name itself is pretty self-explanatory. With the kind of thing the guys involved in these gig do, I can’t help but want to become like them, too. I mean, who doesn’t want to be approached for by women, right? I wouldn’t even say that they’re simply looking for a job and that’s all there is to that. They know for a fact that it’s going to be some naughty work and therefore, they know they can never come out clean. So basically, it’s a win-win because both men and women in this gig love to fuck! I want in! But before that, let’s talk a bit about what you can really expect from Backroom Casting Couch.

If there’s one thing you can’t find inside the Backroom Casting Couch database, it would be photographs. Yes, and it doesn’t matter because we all know for a fact that videos can never go beaten by anything that doesn’t move or show real feelings. With all the Backroom Casting Couch you can opt to watching, you will definitely feel like in paradise. A girl enters the room, sits on the couch, gives a lustful smile, opens her top, shows her tits, unzips the man’s pants, draws out the cock almost violently, licks the tip with her wet lovely tongue and then starts to do the BJ.

So it goes, and then the cycle repeats everyday. Who wouldn’t love that? That’s why you need to check out Backroom Casting Couch! You get to watch 290 full movies for only 24.95 dollars a month. Awesome!

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If there’s one thing I really learned in life, that would be to listen to your parents. I’m not saying all your decisions should be based on the affirmation of your parents, but I’m just saying that if you think it feels right to follow what they say, then do so ’cause you’re probably right about it, too. For instance, my mother always used to tell me to get together with someone my age. And she was right ’cause it’s so lovely to fuck someone as fresh as your age. And that is why I really love this porn site named Team Skeet. 

What is Team Skeet?

If you are someone who’s after teenage porn madness, then there’s no better place to go than Team Skeet. The site’s creation has revolved around serving the hottest teen porn content in the virtual facet. Well, there are many choices scattered around the web, but as far as I know this one happens to be the most substantial one. For one, all the videos you get to see, they’re not the same. They have their own niceties. Some are the busties, others Latinas, Romans, and there are even tribal teens exhibiting their skills in the art of porn. It is really awesome and to think, they’re all teenagers! Hot and fresh out the kitchen!

What Do You Get with Team Skeet?

First things first, you’re gonna have to get registered. In order to do so, you’re gonna have to pay for 4.99 dollars a month, which is a fairly little amount compared to other high end sites out there. Anyway, you can always go with the free trial first for a 1 dollar for a day. Either way, you will know that there are actually 1400 plus full movie clips that you can watch, all categorized in accordance to the genre and nature of the vids. Another thing worth mentioning would be the picture sets that run to around 1400, too. 

What more can you ask for with Team Skeet?

They’re all teenagers, not necessarily virgins but what does it matter when they can turn your whole world upside down with just a moan and groan and fucking glory. Boobs bouncing and men ogling. Lovely!

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ATK Galleria is a site that is part of the ATK Kingdom group of adult entertainment films. The first and perhaps only thing that you need to know about this site is that there are a lot of videos and photographs. They are also popular because they are one of the best 18-23 sites on the web. That means that there are no girls on the site that are older than twenty three. So if you really like to have the college experience in all of your videos, then you are going to love this website. Another one of the very best facts about this site is that you will have access to literally tens of thousands of videos and photographs.

At the ATK Galleria network, you will encounter the quandary between high quality over a lot of content. This site has so much content that the chances are that you will never be able to look through even half of it if you had a year off from work. The downside to having a lot of content, as demonstrated by many other sites, is the simple fact that the quality of some of the videos is not that great. You can see that some of the videos on the site are filmed in the latest high definition 1080p while others seem as thought they were filmed using a camcorder from the 1980s.

While this may be off-putting to some people, pretty much anyone can find something that they like about looking at this site. One of the biggest drawbacks to becoming a member of ATK Galleria is that you will not be able to search through the content to find any particular video. You will have to remember where your favorite videos are via download or bookmarking them on your browser. If you are looking to become a member of this site then you will need to pick on the enrollment levels.

If you are looking for a full month of membership, then you will need to pay $21.66, which is a great deal when you consider just how much content you are getting for the price. Overall, ATK Galleria is above average simply for the sheer amount of content that it offers.

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WoW Girls describes itself as the future of porn, and they try very hard to live up to these expectations. For the most part the site is dedicated to hosting a large variety of pictures featuring all of the young women that you have seen on the site. They have a rather large site, and you know what they say about bigger being better. For example, the site has a total of almost 400 different photo sets are available for you to peruse as you become more acquainted with the site.

One of the most important things that you will notice about this relatively unknown site called Wow Girls is that they have not won any of the big adult entertainment awards like many of the other sites on the web have. However, there is a lot of buzz about the site winning some of the AVNs this year. Now, while the site is big, the videos are all created and produced by some of the best people in the business. They do not have a great deal of videos, they are all very high quality and produced so that they leave you wondering how you ever got along without them. Long story short, while all of the videos are of very high quality, there are not many of them.

All of the films are shot by a professional filmographer and then edited by the same professionals. You are not going to see any of the low quality amateur work that you will see on the tube sites. While there are not many videos , they will all leave you wondering how you got along without them before. The site itself has a decent layout, it is the typically black site with all of the videos around the inside of the site.

If you are looking to sign up for the Wow Girls site then you will need to consider the different membership options that are available to you. If you are looking to join up for a single month, then you will need to pay $19.99 a month, which is a decent value considering everything that you are going to be offered. All things considered, this site is average, not particularly good or bad but may be worth looking at. 

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Fucked Hard 18 is a combination of hardcore sex, oil, plus seductive massages. We have all tried to use the sexual nature of a hot body massage to try to get a little side action going on. If you haven’t, well then you can now fully enjoy this kind of action on this kinky porn site.

The “rubdown” setting that goes on inside this porn site involves 18-year-old teens with amazing bodies and dudes with very deep sexual urges. It might not be very pleasurable to give out massages, but it definitely feels divine to receive one. This is what the dude giving the massages relies on to get the amateur teens to relax for some licking, finger penetration, and hardcore sex.

The way most of the material is structured on this site is that the gals are first ushered into a massage parlor. Next, there is some talk, clothes are removed, and the massage session begins. As the sleazy steamy session progress, the dude slides something somewhere and in the blink of an eye, moaning and hard penetrations are what you see next. Sounds very nice, right?

The gals who get to experience the power of seductive massages are different. There are big tits, Small body types, blondes, Latinas, and magnificent babes all with a very down-to-earth attitude and very sexually open. The easiness with which the gals are ready to please is perhaps what makes this material so darn sexy.

Another thing you can expect from this site is a lot of nudity and facial shots. You can also expect quality and shinning slippery bodies intertwined in a hardcore sexual limbo dance! As we speak, there are 283+ videos and 283+ photo galleries of sexy bubble butts being pumped senseless on the massage table.

Members can use the MWV, MP4, FLASH, formats to watch the videos. One picture set can have as many as 400 pictures. Different bandwidth and ZIP file for pictures are also accessible.

A movie can mercifully go on for over 35 minutes of rubbing, squeezing, slippery sexing pleasure. Under “bonus stuff” you get with membership to this site, there are bonus sites and feeds that let you watch more porn. The navigation is smooth, the model index overflowing with beautiful gals, and the Live Chat functions very entertaining.

You might have seen some teen-porn material in the past, but what this site does is considerably different. The massage approach used to penetrate those tight young holes gives the material on this site a seductive playful feel that is very erotic. Originality and exclusive High Quality teen smut is what Fucked Hard 18 does best. So, if you are in the mood for a happy-ending teen massage sex-session, check them out today!

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On Haze Her, you can expect nothing but dildo-inserting sorority porn that is humiliating for the new coeds but very exhilarating for you as you watch. The unsuspecting young coeds are introduced into a sexually charged sorority that uses sexual hazing as method of indoctrination.

Once you have your login password, you can jump into the reality world of sorority sex and discover what this niche has to offer. The setting is college dorm rooms where coeds use each other for sexual gratification.

The site’s navigation features are truly simple. They let you see material that will forever change your perspective about sorority coeds and the whole hazing process. The sexual pledges the gals are forced to endure include pain and pleasure in equal measure.

There are even those who have to perform blowjobs on very happy dudes as part of their pledges. Clothes are removed, holes are licked and fingered, and sex juices are ever flowing on this site. Thanks to BANGBROS ability of producing high-end stuff, you can enjoy the strap-on fucking, the insertions, and sexual torment inside this site. The Haze Her movie gallery has 50 scenes, 40 minute long, in MP4, MPEG, WMV, FLV formats. There are also full movies that can be downloaded or streamed. As with everything else on this site, quality is of the highest order. You get HD videos of “mad-hazing-sex-festival!”

Using the tab, you can find the 50 picture sets (700 pictures each set) very easily. As the hazing goes on, you can save the pics using ZIP file, or view the HIGH RES images of abused-sexy-coed-asses.

When it comes to matters regarding the layout of the site, rest easy for what you receive is a modern looking porn site with many good features. Some might hold a grudge that the video and pic galleries are too small. Others might point out the fact that the updating schedule employed seems to be slower than tortoise running a marathon! All these questions, legitimate as they maybe, might best be answered by the webmasters of this site. All we know is that reality sorority hazing sex is a niche worth checking out. The conceptual approach this site has taken when it comes to coed porn is not only stimulating but also exclusive.

The amateur coeds keen to please their “collage overlords” will put their bodies through all sorts of sexual aggravation and pleasure. The process of becoming a member of the sorority is slow, filled with sexual tests, humiliation, hardcore penetration, and lots of orgasm. Who wouldn’t want to watch such material? Get your Haze Her Membership today, if coed fetish and reality hardcore makes you so horny!

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Do you believe that sex can be graceful, beautiful, and fascinating? If you do not then you need to look at this site called X-Art. Just like the name suggests, the material on this site is X-Rated but still has a certain artsy quality about it. Sensuality is the main focus of this site. When they produce material, they want it to have high appeal and elegance. The fact that they do this for both soft core and hardcore material is very impressive.

Gone are the days when X Art only used to show photos. Nowadays they have 420+ videos that are 15 minutes long. The camerawork, as you would expect, is top notch with fading back-score music that gives way to delightful screams and moans.

Movie formats include QuickTime, wmv, flash, and mp4 and there are videos in HD quality. Stream or download what you need since everything on this site is so easy to use and manage. The 200+ models on this site from exotic tropical places in Brazil, to Greece, and other magnificent international places show you the diversity of material you will find on

X Art has 566+ picture sets, though you have to plow through the model index or update page to find them. This site should definitely work on giving members a separate picture gallery. The High Res images are available for download using the ZIP file. Your eyes will swell up with unbelievable desire as you look at the pictures showing exotic international babes spreading, sucking, riding, moaning, and playing with big hard shlongs.

Updates on X Art are about 15 to 17 times every month and this means more content and constantly growing galleries for you to enjoy. The way the updates vary between new movies and pics keeps you at the edge of your seat, racked with anticipation.

You really cannot dispute the fact that the gals featured on X-Art are sizzling hot. You will drool, drool, and drool some more once you sample what this site has to offer. If Babes Porn is your type of thing, X Art really can deliver the goods.

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Mr Skin is the place to go if you have a fetish for celebrity porn. Hollywood stars who have had major sex scenes in movies and TV shows all make their appearance on this site. Even those who have just displayed their semi nude bodies on screen can be found here. does not do any alterations to the scenes but simply lifts them as they are from the original movies and TV shows. So you can rest assured that unlike fake celeb porn sites that Photoshop and alter the movie, everything inside this site is really genuine.

With over 20,000 celebs featured on Mr Skin in various stages of undress or engaged in action, it is easy to see why this site is a leader in the industry. The probability of locating your favorite celebs kissing, teasing, undressing, or engaging in acts of sex are pretty high on Mr. Skin. Those of you who enroll for a full membership can experience all this material plus more. Since more celebs are always rising and more sex is always being filmed, the galleries of (bursting full with amazing content) are constantly being updated. It would seem that the updates are pushed through every few hours or so.

This site does not disappoint when it comes to navigation features. The way the search engines, model index, and other features on the site have been arranged gives members flexibility when searching for celeb porn. A practical and user-friendly platform is always appreciated since it means less time spent searching for material. This is exactly what Mr Skin has.

Links take you to pages full of information, bios, and movies of the hottest celebs in the business. Mr. Skin covers soft core and hardcore sex scenes. Categories and a celeb list in alphabetical order makes looking through the 50,576+ movie scenes so easy. Movies average about a minute of play and many are in HD quality. The HD mp4 and windows files can be streamed or download. has various features that allow selection of gals according to body traits like hair color, boobs, skin color, and other traits.

You will also learn what movies and DVDs have naked celebs in them while the chat feature allows for interaction between members and Mr. Skin. You obviously know how bewitching hot celebs are and now you can see them in a new light thanks to this site.

Mr Skin is just as famous as the celebs it features inside its galleries. Many refer to this site as the true encyclopedia when it comes to celebrity porn. If celebs drive you sexually mad, then this site will drive you to new depths of madness! Check them out!

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I had a girlfriend once. I fell in love with her at a glance, so pursued her when I was finally able to muster enough courage to. I was so happy after finding out that we were apparently floating on the same boat the moment I professed my love to her. It was so magical and you know how too much love goes, right? In bed. Yes, we were doing a lot of nasty things in bed, but the best part there is that we were doing everything in a very sensational, passionate way. The experience was truly exquisite! But well, it seems I couldn’t trust her after all as she was flinging with other guys while we were together and she broke my heart. Anyways, I ran through a site that is really reminiscent to my past sexperiences. It’s a wonderful hub called Nubile Films.

When you come visit the site and you’re not a member yet, you will a couple of promotional videos with one having a thumbnail of a girl having an orgasm while being drilled by a ginormous guy. From there, I was really touched because that’s what me and my girlfriend did a lot of times before. It was amazing! Anyways, the style of the site is so out of the ordinary in the most amazing way possible. I mean the cinematography, how everything is perfectly done, it would make you truly lachrymal.

Another thing is that the actors are not just actors, they are actually models and some are even professional porn stars. The angular shooting of the camera and the passion of the actors to portray explicit humanistic affinities will really get through you. Just like magic.

If you want to enjoy the 169 high quality full movies prepared by Nubile Films, all you have to do is become a member for 9 dollars a month. This will also entitle you of access to 137 picture sets. In addition, there are forums where you might be able to find someone for a sex partner. Like how cool is that? Enjoy Nubile Films like you’ve never enjoyed other porn sites before!

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Life is too short to reel in misery when you falter the articulation of your meaningful goals in life. Sometimes you need to admit the fact that you need a helping hand. Sometimes, you have to accept that it’s not only people you can get help from. There are plenty of things in this world that is worth tapping into. Take advantage of your computer and your internet. Take advantage of all the porn sites you are able to visit every single night, when your parents are already sleeping. And one more thing, find time to visit FTVGirls. It is heaven for all porn fans out there and if you want to prove that right, then it’s about time you start checking out the site for yourself.

What is FTVGirls?

FTV Girls is a truly prominent soft code adult site that continues to deliver the most promising porn contents over the web. Its faculty revolves around filming a diversity of women exhibiting a vast array of sexual activities in front of the camera and for the first time ever in their lives! But that doesn’t mean they are virgins, no they’re not virgins. They are women who are trained either by themselves or with the help of plenty of guys, which would explain their natural execution and expertise when doing they’re thing on cam.

The Content

The site contains a lot of videos, perhaps a number more than you could ever imagine for a soft core porn site. For one, there are 3150 full movies and movie clips. There are movies that run for a good 30 minutes or even up to an hour while there are others that are short as 3 to 5 minutes for those who are on a rush but have to masturbate before taking off. There are also picture sets that contain the finest quality of images. There are actually 620 sets and every set contains over 100 images, which means you get hundreds of thousands of images with the power of a cheap subscription of 29.95 dollars a month!

If you want to experience real porn fun, then you’re gonna have to consider watching what FTVGirls is able to exhibit.

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Burning Angel is Joanna Angel impressive alternative porn baby that has been steadily growing in terms of material, features, quality, variety, and members. More tattoos, bigger personalities, different gals, strategic piercings, and massive emo themed rock porn are some of the things to expect from this site. Welcome to the world of hardcore punk fornication,!

The member’s area on the Burning Angel homepage is a fast-paced world of information, videos, clips, models, and pictures. Navigation is however easy to master as you quickly discover how sensual, nasty, erotic, thrilling, and captivating alternative porn can be.

The thing that separates Burning Angel from mainstream porn sites is the heavy individualistic personalities that are shown by the performers featured on this site. “Individuality” and “uniqueness” are prized qualities that this site seeks from its performers. From lesbians to BDSM, this site touches on all the major (and even some non-major) porn niches. They do all this in their own emo style, punk rock rebellious kind of attitude. The thing about this crazy network is that when you stream or download the 734+ videos or view the 1684+ photo sets, you are bound to quickly fall into sexual obsession with the feisty pierced and tattooed sexy gals.

Over the years, the site has been steadily building up the quantity and quality of their pics and movies galleries. As a result, videos that last for 30 minutes, updates that come through on a weekly basis, thumbnails, and High Res images are some of the things you enjoy on Burning Angel.

To convince you further that a membership to Burning Angel is something worth considering, the site belongs to a network. This means more bonus sites with your one simple membership. There are chat rooms for discussion, live cam shows, exclusive and interactive content for members on this site.

Alternative porn is a niche that Burning Angel completely understands. Judging from the material and the way it is presented on this site, there is no doubt that this site is serious about its business. If soft core, fetish, and hardcore porn from a new different breed of Goth/emo performers that is dangerously addictive and highly entertaining is what your body aches and moans for, we have only two words for you, BurningAngel!

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passion-hdWhat Passion HD has done is to take sexy hot girls plus high-end cameras and produced content that is really very impressive. This simple enough formula has given the site High Def content that is pleasing to the eye. If you thought that this site was all about soft core porn, well, you were very wrong. Hardcore is the name of the game and they play this game very well!

Navigation on this site has been stripped to the bare minimum. There are two options for browsing material i.e. model and popularity. There are also buttons that take you to various scenes. Passion HD does not pack a slew of flashy features that will dazzle and amaze. The site is still relatively young and has not yet established huge archives to warrant for a variety of search options and tools.

Even if the site is still relatively young, it has been able to amass an impressive 257+ video scenes. This number is bound to rise steadily as new material is added multiple times during the week. For movie formats, members can expect mp4, flash, and windows media. Playback time for a movie is around thirty minutes, enough time to let you please your desires to satisfaction!

Passion HD, as the name suggest, is all about giving its members the very best HD quality material. The site has a photo gallery numbering 257+ sets. One set has 200 pictures. The screen capture photos are in High Res formats for that smooth, clear, and crisp look.

Currently the site houses around fifteen or so models. The girls are different and all have a high sexual appetite. There is a girl-next-door theme around much of the material on this site. The level of skill shown by these gals when it comes to partaking of sexual pleasure is simply inspiring stuff.

For most of the material presented on the network, the style of action is that of “Point-Of-View” (POV). This means that the camera work leaves you feeling like you are the one receiving a BJ, penetrating tight holes, or creaming all over those lovely tits. This is what this site does so well, strike up desire like a match to a propane gas tank!

Passion HD promises HD material and it delivers. The site promises the sexiest women alive and it delivers. Updates are promised and that is exactly what you get. This site is growing and it would be wise to get in on the ground floor and grow with the site since the future looks very bright for this premium porn site.