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Among all other adult porn sites on the internet Videos Z bills itself as the adult one. They started their journey a long time ago and now grew a lot bigger. I have been checking in on this website since 2004 and I’m not disappointed. Even I found a lot of improvements in contents and their amount. You will get confused when you see all those babes fucking and sucking. The originators of this site are always busy improving it. Sometimes you will get a new file format or they are just increasing the contents of their library which already led them to one of the huge online. Now let’s check out what they’re up to.

Videos Z added tons of high-quality DVDs and got the largest adult movie collection online. You can get confused by asking yourself “is it the largest one” or just check out yourself by watching some of the trailers and again ask you “is it my type? I guess you will have two words only and they are “Hell, yes”. It’s because over 15,407 full-length DVDs have been made available here and it’s increasing as fresh ones are getting added on a daily basis.

The design of the website is good and you can navigate very easily. You can search videos by porn stars, category, studio or series. No clumsy feel while the library is huge and you can even narrow down favorite ones with no problem. I like their way of getting started as when you click on a DVD you will get a juicy story line or a short synopsis which increases the hunger to watch or download it. If you have the taste to see something different they will not disappoint you, you can find them in interracial, anal, Facials, DPs, toy play, threesomes and other segments.

Hold your breath because you will get over 90,185 videos (maybe enough for this lifetime!). All those movies can be downloaded or played in a fixed player as well. Recent videos are available in AVI, MP4 and finally HD format. There are some porn studios that are exclusively adding all their contents on Videos Z, so they are unique and can’t be found on any other site. As it’s a DVD site you won’t find any photos here. When you have all the sizzling videos available, you may not need the photos anymore.

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I got bored of regular porn videos and wanted to see something different and interesting. All those perfect body, fake boobs, asses and big dicks has made tired and sick. One day my friend showed me some small adorable girl’s videos from Exxxtra Small. They were small though but natural. So, I kind of liked it and decided to give it a try. Frankly speaking, like most of the people I also thought that the girls who performed in the videos are midgets but actually they are not. Yes they are+ way too thin if compared with regular porn stars. All of the girls from this site are sweet and petite.

As the name says you will expect tiny girls when you sign in into the website but what you get is Team Skeet homepage. Well, you can be bothered but please don’t, however getting on to those little darlings of your dream is very easy. You can simply get and enter the Exxxtra Small site from a drop-down menu. If you sign up in this network you will get 18 bonus sites except the mother website. Bonus sites include some horny teen websites such as Titty Attack, Her Freshman Year and Innocent High. All of these websites are full with teen hotties but they also include videos from other popular categories. So, it’s a mixed blend waiting for the members to enjoy. Compared to this, the only offer worth buying is really due to the value and content provided.

After signing up when you sign in into the website you can find all the contents in front of you. The layout of the website is user friendly and you can find it a bit modest in size. As you can see currently there are almost 49 videos available here. With each video the members will get a set of pictures. They have added two new videos in the last month, so update doesn’t come frequently as it should. However, it is still a much better site than some others because they might have few content but still trying to update.

Almost all the videos are featuring petite chicks trying as hard as they could to suck and fuck big dicks. There are some unusual videos which have a pair of hotties riding on together to get the taste of various girl-on-girl action. You can watch the videos in an embedded player or you can just download them. The movies are available in only several formats, including Windows Media or MP4. The recently added ones are available in Full HD.

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From before and now, we all happen to be familiar of the whole fair trade concept. We pay something in exchange for what it’s worth, something we do want for our own personal reasons. If you cannot yet afford to rent a prostitute for the night, you might as well want to get a girlfriend.

That would be much better. You get moral, emotional and all the kinds of support you need for your ego. But, have you had enough of girlfriends because they dumped you in the past? Well, it’s high time you make your revenge. On that note, GF Revenge will help you know how to plot your vengeful acts. All you have to do is watch its beautiful contents.

GF Revenge is not only for those who have had their hearts broken, but also for those who are afraid of maybe not knowing what they should do should they have their hearts broken inadvertently in the future. It’s a place where you get to realize that your whole attempt to romance is not a fiasco even if you failed in it. It’s a rather constructive experience, one that helps you become a much stronger and more resilient person that you already are. As to how the site could help you on that matter, you’ll know when you watch the videos.

GF Revenge does not want you to fall short on the tactics that you need to apply whenever you have apply any should the situation call for it. For that, they have set out over 4,000 plus videos for your keeping for as long as you are hooked to their members database. All the videos are on HD mode, which means you get crystal clear vision of the beauty of having sex with your ex and ruining the new relationship she has.

Well, it might end up that you two will be together after all. Isn’t that fun? That’s only $9.95 a month from you!