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Do you still remember how the past generations took what the things they wanted? It’s something we know as revolution. If all of us want change, we need to do something which embodies revolution. For your porn experience to become much more exciting and rewarding, you should only come to a site that is a pure embodiment of what is revolutionary. Any porn site can be really lovely ’cause all the girls are bold and naked. But if it gradually shifts into a mainstream material, the whole essence is lost. Good news though is that breakthroughs are always prevalent, which is why we have Elegant Angel now standing in the most favored limelight.

The Premises of Elegant Angel

The creation of the site was rather crucial for those who were behind the whole scenario. They were all driven by the motif to bring out a new breed of porn resource into the modern day arena. Luckily, all of their plans panned out just fine. They have not just developed solely a porn site, but an item that actually springs off into various levels of usefulness. In contrast to what it has promised, this magnum opus definitely went over the board with its scope.

First of all, we have the members forum where you are able to mingle with people who have joined as members too. You could even be lucky to meet up with someone close to your area so you can finally do some fucking for the whole starry night. One more amazing thing would be the various video game reviews, knowing for a fact that gaming and porn are always melded into perfection, naturally. Alas, both finally connect in the stage. Elegant Angel it is!

The Contents of Elegant Angel

Off to what’s in side the envelope, there are more fun stuff than you can imagine. First of all, the video databases which stretch to more than 1,000 videos, all under several categories, making it quite difficult to not spot the very thing you want to witness. The way it works is just like magic! Also, there are several thousands of photos in the albums which you can simply tap into should you feel super duper horny in a sudden. For the subscription, it’s only $9.95 a month. It’s a 9.5 out of 10 site that sells itself short. More than worth it!

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New Sensations is a pornsite that is bringing that familiar old sensation of arousal that you are very familiar with. This site is part of the NEW SENSATIONS NETWORK, a renowned place where quality and erotic action reside. All the various good qualities of the network have been transferred to this site.

You will see many pornstars who have for years made porn fans experience various cum sensations. They also delve into many niches and offer lots of material so you will have a healthy collection of smut sexing action!

999-plus galleries of videos and images respectively are what you get when you become a member of this site. The images come in a nice pixel quality that you can live with. This pixel quality fluctuates as you go from one picture gallery to the next. As for the videos, the same high quality production applies to them.

You will have file formats that you can use and you will also have updates throughout the week. This site is a hit because it comes from a network that has proved itself in the market by producing HQ porn action. The mix of material inside ensures that different preferences are catered for. They do hardcore and softcore action.

They also have extremely sexy adult performers and exceptional talented pornstars. The stars know how to raise the erotic temperature of porn fans. This site looks like they are drawing from the best of the best inside the network and offering it all to anyone who wants to join them.

Membership here means you will have access to the network and this will act as your bonus material. The material inside may or may not be exclusive action. It all depends but what remains constant is the quality and production goodness of the material.

You will have freedom to roam various reality themed sites like FOUR FINGER CLUB, JIZZBOMB, BUTTDRIVERS, and so on. This means more niches than you will know what to do with which gives you options for exploring your erotic levels!


The navigation is effective and gives you easy to use interface. The links stay good regardless of where you go and they are at the top of the pages inside the various bonus sites. The sensation we got from the navigation features is that of something solid, basic, and glamour-free.

The site could add some more file formats when it comes to the movies. There is information inside when it comes to the updates. Things look very good, no complaints here!

Decent and exciting is what we can say when it comes to the site New Sensations. Your subscription to this site will not be money wasted. This is because they have enough good things going for them to justify you joining them.

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ATK KINGDOM is a network that houses the ATK Petites porn site. This network and the petites pornsite are fine pieces of work that exhibit sexy material in a very enticing way. The network is known for its refined niches and we were very excited to take a peek into this particular pornsite. This site focuses on two thing; 1) young petite 110lbs sexy bombshell females and 2) 5 foot 4 inches flexible babes.

Since this site focuses on such sexy babes, they definitely have material that is stimulating to those who love these types of babes. If you like them small, you will have fun inside this site. The small nature of the gals should not make you think that they can’t do stuff, for they certainly can!

The material that this site carries is huge. They have 1500-plus galleries and some 750-plus films. All their action is exclusive to them so you will not find them anywhere else.

The images have very huge resolution sizes of 3000-pxl and you can download them, ZIP file is available. The films come in formats like flv, wmv, QuickTime, and mp4. When you get the very best quality inside, you will be staring at high definition videos of 1080p. You can look forward to daily updates inside.

This site (and the ATK network) has been producing action for quite some time now. Their daily uploads plus the amount of years they have been at it are the reasons why they have such nice filled archives. This site does solo, lesbian and hardcore niches. They like giving you variety so that you have no reason to complain.

There are some famous gals you will see inside ATK Petites and the rest are relatively amateur new faces in the industry. The gals are cute…no, they are sexy gorgeous! The site also has bonus material to make sure your fully occupied. Our assumption is that this material comes from the premium ATK network.

The user interface is not going to give you any problems. They may have included more features and options than you will need, but it’s better to have them than to not have them, right? All other areas are well made. The models inside have a section on the site where you can find them neatly organised.

The updates come with information which is good. You will have fast speeds when you want to download the action. Generally, they get a 90-percent rating when it comes to navigation/features/ and site design.


ATK Petites represents the young small girls in a very strong manner indeed. They have HD and high res material. The production is professional and top shelf. The site is simple to use and will fill your days with petite ladies in hardcore sex action. If this petite-niche is something you really want, we absolutely recommend this site.